Motivational Quotes

"I will wait until tomorrow", "I will start this weekend", "I will get started with it soon", "or I will wait until next Monday." Well the problem with that is that you will be saying that everyday, and all day to a point it will always be that way. Well….how about now? What about today? The time is right now at this moment, no more of putting it off, no more excuses. No more talking about it, no more speaking about it, procrastination is less action and more words that he or she uses. It’s time to Rise, Grind, and Shine people, it’s time to strive for the wonderful person that you were destined to be. Don’t live with regrets and let time pass you by, especially when you’re watching television saying to yourself “That should be me!”- Tony Willz

"Don't be average, create magic. You have a passion, initiate action. One life to live, make it positive. Strive to be great, ignore the hate." - Tony Willz

"The impossible is always possible. Run as fast as you can from the pessimistics because he or she can't define optimistics. Failure and defeat is temporary but at the finish line it will make you legendary." - Tony Willz