“I used to be the picture of fitness perfection, size 6 and abs that a guy would envy. But something changed, I got a promotion at work and the stress of that moved my perfect size up the ladder and before I knew it I had gained 40 pounds in less than a year, not to mention (and I don't like to) I got older. I tried everything - HCG, Atkins, NutraSystem and nothing worked until I met Tony Willz and we talked about my failed weight-loss journey and he said that he could help. We started slow and he created a personalized workout plan just for me. Now being 40 pounds overweight, I didn't want to go to a gym or let anyone see the real me so he came to me and I got an amazing workout at home. We are still working on my weight loss but I feel better and have more energy than ever. So far I have lost 25 pounds in 2 months and this time I know I will succeed. Thanks T! You have saved my life!”

Angela, The Colony, TX

“Tony is an extremely awesome trainer. He is so knowledgeable on workouts and creates a very fun atmosphere. He’s a great motivator and makes me feel at ease to push through my workout. He makes working out very fun and I like the fact that he provides in home personal training services because I got tired of going to the gym. He came into my home and trained me right in my living room. Tony has introduced me into a whole new philosophy of training and continues to show me different kinds of creative and fun exercises to perform. I am just glad to call him my personal trainer that I actually trust and deliver me the results that I was looking for. I lost 34 pounds in nearly 3 months and I am very pleased with these results. Tony is a wonderful trainer who will provide the guaranteed results that you are looking for. I highly recommend this guy.”

Jamie, Lancaster, TX

"I have to say that Tony is an outstanding master of his craft of personal training. I just love the versatility that he brings when it comes to his availability. I enjoy the different locations on where he trains me. Sometimes we would have a workout at a park, even my fitness facility at my job, and also in my backyard at my home. The workouts can be very intense, but he knows how to motivate me on pushing myself to succeed. He’s extremely friendly with a great knowledge on health and fitness, and has a spontaneous personality with various workouts. He is the real deal and if anyone is looking for a trainer who will educate you on nutrition, provide creative workouts, a great leader, and a strong motivator, Tony is that guy.”

Domonic, Dallas, TX

“What I love about Tony is that he is very personable and just a down to earth person. He has a lot of integrity and I have worked with other personal trainers in the past, but Tony is the absolute best. Anytime that I have any questions about a certain workout or more guidance on the meal plan I can call or text him at any given time of the day and he will make himself available to me. His availability is priceless because he doesn’t act like he’s too busy for you even he has other clients to train. You can’t find too many personal trainers like him today. He’s definitely one of a kind and I thank him for providing the confidence that I needed and also the results that I was aiming for. Tony you’re the best.”

Debra, Frisco, TX

“I participated in a model competition and beauty pageant that I had coming up. All I can say is WHEW! The workouts that you put me through were like nothing that I never experienced before. It was like a combination of crossfit, boot camp, and strength training all into one workout and the crazy thing about all of this is that I wasn’t in no gym. There is no such thing as boredom when it comes to Tony’s creative workouts. He is one of the most creative trainers I ever worked with because I am not always doing the same repetitive workouts. It’s various of workouts to trick your body to produce more results. I came first in my beauty pageant and got second in my model competition. The photographers at my beauty pageant kept on commenting on how toned my legs were and it’s all because of Tony Willz. Thank you sir!”

Brittany, Lewisville, TX

I’ve worked with Tony for almost a year now on an average of 3 days a week and he got me into the best shape of my life. The workouts that he provided were always intense and not boring at all. They were always different which I really enjoyed and was pleased because I use to always be bored when I worked out at the gym many years ago. Tony brings creativity and keeps me engaged at all times. He also provides a great sense of humor with a friendly personality that is contagious and that’s what I really like about him because it makes me feel more comfortable. He helped by increasing my flexibility, endurance, and strength. I have gotten so much stronger just by performing from 35-40 push-ups without even getting exhausted which means that my endurance has increased as well. He would come to my apartment complex at 5:30 am in the morning because there is a gym where I stay and our session would last about an hour and trust me it is worth the 60 minutes. Tony is a beast at what he does. I have already recommended him to some of my family members who needs his assistance.”

Phillip, Ft. Worth, TX

“Tony is unlike any trainer that I have ever worked with. He pushes me and uses unique techniques that transform my body that I thought wasn’t even possible. I have been working with him for almost two months now and I have already lost a stunning 19 pounds thanks to this wonderful guy. He’s really a fun trainer to work with because he’s engaging with a laid back approach. He does a great job of listening and build a customize program that was tailor to my needs. I really enjoy the creative meal plan that he provided to me because it’s not the typical diet where I have to deprive myself from the foods that I love. He provides a unique approach on how to eat and when to eat, even foods that people would think that are all bad for you. The way he does his meals plans are productive and it’s actually a meal plan that I can stick to. I just want to thank you Mr. Willz for changing my life, you are greatly appreciated."

Jennifer, Richardson, TX